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CBD coffee: Enjoy caffeine without the side effects

by Taylor Hogan

Pouring CBD coffee

Our relationship with coffee has always been one of controversy. Sure, the United States' favorite drink is there to provide a pick-me-up whenever we need it, but it can also come with unpleasant side effects from the caffeine.

Giving up coffee is possible, but there’s no need to break up with your energizing morning beverage or preferred seasonal roast. And we have CBD to thank for that.

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that offers personal benefits without the psychoactive properties found in THC. As our understanding of CBD has evolved, so too have the ways we can consume it. Although CBD products such as lotions or gummies are widely available, one unique way to consume it is through CBD-infused coffee.

Believe it or not, CBD coffee can improve our rocky relationship with caffeine. Let’s take a look at this modern beverage in greater detail to uncover the benefits of CBD coffee, where you can buy it, and how you can even make it at home.

What is CBD-infused coffee?

CBD coffee may sound like a complicated drink, but in reality, it's rather simple. Cannabidiol (CBD) can be added to any cup of coffee, whether it’s a roast, an espresso, a cold brew, or blended with milk to create a CBD latte. The CBD in the drink has either been infused during the roasting process, often ensuring your coffee tastes of coffee, or added as CBD oil after the coffee is prepared, which may taste and smell more like hemp.

Some CBD-infused coffee drinks may use full-spectrum CBD, which contains all the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant in nature. This may create a stronger taste but will still provide the same benefits of CBD that we've come to know and love.

Benefits of CBD coffee

Man pouring coffee

We’ve found how much CBD on its own can help your daily well-being, thanks to our over 950 customer reviews. So what happens when you add it to coffee?

Think of CBD and coffee as a balancing act. On one end, you'll find coffee, a powerful stimulant that provides energy whenever you need it most — the more cups of coffee you drink, the more energized you'll feel. But drink too much coffee and things can get a little out of hand. Coffee drinkers often talk of jitters, a rapid heartbeat, digestive issues, or anxiety if they have too much caffeine.

CBD, on the other hand, is relaxing. It produces a mellowed feeling that aids in relieving your aches and pains. But consume too much CBD in any form, like a tincture or edibles, and you may start to feel fatigued or inattentive.

This is where these two substances work well together. By infusing coffee with CBD, the energizing benefits of caffeine are balanced by the calming effects of CBD to produce an alert yet tranquil experience. Consuming caffeine alone may cause unwanted side effects like insomnia, stomach upset, an energy slump, and more. But CBD can come to the rescue by creating a drink that leaves you feeling highly aware yet completely in control.

Where can you buy CBD coffee?

When the Farm Bill passed in 2018, it guaranteed that any cannabinoid derived from hemp (any hemp extract) would be considered legal under U.S. law. As a result, CBD and CBD-infused coffee are now available for consumption across the country. The latter has quickly become trendy.

Market value of the CBD beverage market has quickly increased over the past year. K-cups are available that feature hemp CBD coffee blends for at-home consumption. And even country singer Willie Nelson has launched his own CBD java company, Willie's Remedy, that features multiple blends of coffee containing CBD. Because cannabidiol is widely available, purchasing CBD coffee in-person or online is an easy process.

You may even be able to find it at your local coffee shop. Many cafes are starting to include CBD on their menus. It will usually appear as an optional add-in, much like a milk or sweetener alternative.

How to make CBD coffee at home

Making CBD coffee at home is easy. You can do this in one of two ways.

DIY CBD coffee

Your first option just needs the ingredients and appliances you'd use to make coffee on any given morning, such as whole beans and a coffee maker. Simply prepare your favorite coffee before adding drops of your CBD oil tincture. We recommend mixing it in with a spoon or using a frother or blender to combine the ingredients into one delicious drink.

Depending on your taste, the final drink may not be to your liking should you choose this route. Many CBD products can alter the taste of the coffee, sometimes drastically. Be sure to find the ratio of coffee to CBD that works for you if this is your method of choice. Also take into account the flavor of your CBD. There are flavorless and flavored options to choose from. For example, a tincture with an orange flavor could add a hint of citrus to complement your drink.

Start small with your CBD dosage and see how the coffee tastes before adding too much at once. For a general rule of thumb, add a serving size of CBD oil or CBD tincture to your favorite 6-ounce cup of coffee. The CBD product you purchase will often contain serving instructions since the CBD concentration in each drop can vary.

If you’re the type that drinks multiple cups of coffee, you may want to divide that serving by the number of cups you anticipate drinking. This will better mask the taste of the CBD, but you’ll still receive the same benefits. If that isn’t doing the trick, you can slowly increase your dosage to find the ratio that works for you.

CBD-infused coffee roasts

For the second option, buy a CBD-infused coffee roast from your local coffee shop or online through a well-known seller. The coffee beans used in commercial roasts are infused with CBD over time to better mask the plant-like taste, meaning you’re more likely to enjoy the experience.

This tends to be more expensive than the DIY option above, but you might find a compelling blend that hits your taste buds just right.

The right quality CBD for your coffee

Preparing CBD coffee

Just because you can find CBD available in so many places doesn’t mean all products are created equal. The quality of your CBD plays an important role in the quality of your final cup of coffee — if you want good CBD coffee, you need good CBD.

For this reason, we recommend using CBD oil that’s received approval from third-party sources. This will ensure you’re consuming the highest quality CBD and have a great cup of coffee every time.

Enjoy a fresh cup of CBD coffee

CBD coffee may seem like a novelty drink, but it has quickly stolen the spotlight as a great, long-term substitute for your traditional cup of coffee. If you find yourself craving this trendy drink, be sure to take things slow — the amount of CBD you infuse with your coffee may determine how it will affect you.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to consult a physician to determine if CBD coffee is right for you. Whether you want to make it in the comfort of your home or head to your favorite cafe, CBD coffee provides a well-rounded experience to kick off your day on the right foot. It’s time to enjoy the benefits of coffee once again, with a little help from CBD.

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