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Is CBD Good For Golfers? Here’s The Answer From A University Golf Coach

by Shelly Liddick

Shelly Liddick is the head women’s golf coach at NAIA Bellevue University & a two-time recipient of the prestigious LPGA National Coach of the Year award. She has been named Conference Coach of the Year 8-times. In this blog post she shares how the golfing world has embraced CBD as a supplement.

Golf coach Shelly Liddick talks about the benefits of CBD for golf
Coach Shelly Liddick

A common phrase you might hear about golf is that it is “10% physical and 90% mental.” As a coach in the golf business for 30 years, I can attest that the statement is very accurate. No matter the level of the golfer, there is always some mental aspect that tends to get in the way of performance. The most common mental blocks to performance are anxiety, stress and pressure. Professional golfers are not only great ball strikers, but they are able to manage their emotional states to be able to perform at world class levels.

Many amateur/weekend golfers say that a “couple of beers” helps calm the nerves. There is a bit of truth that a little alcohol can quiet the mind, however, alcohol has other long term undesirable effects on one’s golf game. CBD has recently become popular on the golf scene for professional and amateur golfers. Golfers are benefiting from the effects of the all natural hemp ingredients to help keep the golfer’s mind more calm and quiet during performance.

PGA Champions Tour Player Scott McCarron has benefited from the use of CBD while playing golf at the highest levels. He reports that the hemp oils help his mind stay focused and helps his body recover, so he can always play his best week in and week out. Playing golf on tour is very demanding physically and mentally. The hemp oils help him to continue to perform at the highest levels and help him to take care of his body.

Tiger Woods can now be seen on TV chewing gum while playing tournament golf. It has been reported, although not confirmed, that he is chewing CBD gum. While the act of chewing gum does have positive effects on the brain during performance, the added CBD to gum enhances clarity and focus, which may have been a contributor to Tiger’s success in 2019.

If you are thinking of using CBD for golf performance, it is important to use a high quality product. I highly recommend Populum products for any golfer who wants to experience peak performance more often.

Using a CBD tincture on the golf course

About Coach Liddick:

Shelly Liddick was an outstanding 4 sport varsity athlete in high school and highly recruited for college athletics in both basketball and golf. Golf was always her deepest passion and she accepted a full athletic scholarship to play golf for NCAA D1 program at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Shelly played professionally on the Futures Tour and Central Florida Tour for two years. After playing professionally, she began coaching golf at her alma mater. She also started teaching golf, mentoring under her former college coach. She has been head women’s golf coach at two D1 programs: UAB and Wichita State and head women’s golf coach at NAIA Bellevue University where her teams are consistently ranked in the Top 25. Liddick has coached 11 NAIA All-Americans and her teams have won 34 tournaments to date.

Shelly is a two-time recipient of the prestigious LPGA National Coach of the Year award and has been named Conference Coach of the Year 8-times.

A native of Omaha, NE, Shelly has traveled extensively both domestically and internationally conducting golf schools, coaching golf camps and recruiting student-athletes. She has worked with PGA and LPGA tour players as well as developing programs highlighting ‘Authentic Play” as the precursor to realizing one’s athletic genius.

Coach Liddick has a passion for college athletics and the opportunity for college athletes to realize their full potential through the student-athlete experience.

Populum CBD products lined up next to a golf ball

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