Populum Veteran Assistance Program supports veterans.
Tips & Tricks Nov 05, 2018

Populum's Veterans Program offers Affordable CBD

by Caitlin March

We deeply appreciate and acknowledge the amount of sacrifice veterans have made for the service and protection of others. Populum gives back to those who served us through our Veterans Assistance Program. By offering a discount to veterans, our hope is show our gratitude and to make our products more accessible and affordable for those interested in experimenting with what hemp CBD.

Jason Presley, a medically retired US Marine Staff Sergeant, participates in Populum’s Veterans Assistance Program. Jason served in the U.S. Marine Corps for nine years in roles ranging from Section Leader, Ground Safety Officer, to Department of Defense Fire Academy Instructor. He now works at The Ranch, an organization dedicated to helping people and military members struggling with trauma, addiction and mental health issues.

“Like so many others, coming home from deployment was hard and I suffered from PTSD,” said Presley. “It’s been more than five years ago now, but the effects of PTSD still linger. Then in 2017, I suffered a traumatic brain injury, which coupled with my PTSD, made it nearly impossible to sleep. A lot of brain injury survivors turn to prescription medications for treatment, and I was no different.”

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"A friend referred me to Populum and I am happy to report that after five years of not sleeping, I finally found something that works."

Presley continued, “I had heard about my fellow Marines using hemp CBD, but I was skeptical. A friend referred me to Populum and I am happy to report that after five years of not sleeping, I finally found something that works. I am no longer taking any prescription sleep medicine. I only take Populum's 500mg Hemp CBD Oil Tincture.”

How the Veterans Assistance Program Works

Populum is now offering a 25% discount on all products to our veterans through a simple application process. The application is a straightforward online form, and we ask our veterans for just some basic information:

  1. Name and Address
  2. What products you're interested in
  3. Identification & proof of service. This can include: Honorable/Medical Discharge Paperwork, DD214, Military ID, or a VA Card.

Once you are approved, you will be sent an email with your unique discount code which can be used on all future orders. Please note, discount codes cannot be combined with any other promotion codes and cannot be combined with the 20% subscription discount. There is one exception, individuals can combine the referral program discount and the veterans discount.

Enroll in our Veterans Assistance Program.

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