Community Mar 19, 2020

Our Favorite YouTube Videos (Sure To Make You Laugh!)

by Caitlin March

As members of our community, our thoughts go out to everyone.

It’s hard to imagine that we would be in the spot we are today. COVID-19 has impacted all our lives, and our normal day-to-day has been turned upside down.

Taking a moment away from all the breaking news, team members at Populum started to share funny videos and memes in a group chat. These lighthearted videos were a welcomed distraction from the news of the day. Even if just for a few minutes, watching these silly videos provided some relief.

So I wanted to share them with you. From the Populum team to the Populum community, we hope these feel-good videos will make you laugh, or at least distract you for a bit. Stay safe and well.

-Caitlin at Populum

1. Toddler Girl with Corn Dog Dances to Beyoncé

Sometimes you just need to dance, especially when Beyoncé is on. No matter what kind of day you’re having, we’re sure this video will give you a good laugh.

Submitted by: Caitlin March, Director of Marketing

2. Goats Screaming Like Humans

Who knew goats sounded so much like humans? And today, we feel their energy. So if you need to, let out a good goat scream.

Submitted by: Tricia Marks, Director of Customer Experience

3. Cat Stuck In A Flip Flop because cats always make us LOL

We really like cats at Populum. If you only have two seconds to take a break today today, watch this quick but adorable video!

Submitted by: Taylor Hogan, Populum Marketing Associate

4. BBC News Interview Gone Wrong

I think we can all relate to this one right now. Check out this video for the reality of working from home (it’s hilarious!).

Submitted by: Caitlin March, Director of Marketing

5. Jonathan Van Ness Plays With Kittens While Answering Questions

There’s no better combination than Johnathan Van Ness and kittens. Watch him answer fan questions and give some very useful and sage advice.

Submitted by: Emily Rockwell, Director of Sales

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