Working on goals for 2019 using CBD.
Jan 19, 2019

Here are the goals we've been working on for 2019

by Kate Bunton

We begin every year with a promise. Whether it’s to our minds, our bodies, or our lifestyle, New Year’s is the one time of year that waves of us self-reflect and identify what we could do in the upcoming year to better ourselves. Taking the time to reset and take care of yourself is crucial and something we value at Populum.

Entering a new year with fresh goals for your health can be scary. To help you out, here’s a few of our goals for the new year and how we plan to stick to them:

  1. Be kind to ourselves

In an age where everything is so fast-paced with technology, it can be so easy to fall into constantly keeping up with things and putting yourself on the back-burner. Allocating time for yourself to make sure you’re feeling 100% can make a world of difference. Remember: you can’t be the best person for other people if you’re not the best person for yourself first.

What does this mean? It means forgiving yourself. It means honoring your needs and ensuring that you’re placing a value on your health and mental well-being. It also means allowing yourself to indulge once in a while.

We want to help you out on that last part -- check out our latest giveaway on our Instagram for some treats to reset for the new year and stock up on CBD!

2. Keep a consistent routine

At the Populum office, rituals mean everything to us. Our founder, Greg Parker, begins every day with a book and supplement routine. Our Director of Marketing, Caitlin, makes time to go for a run and ends every day with a walk with her dog. Our Director of Business Development, Emily takes Full-Spectrum Hemp capsules alongside her vitamins to feel good all day long.

Inject a bit of structure into your day this year by creating a small ritual daily that betters your quality of life!

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3. Get outside!

Even just to take a quick walk, it’s so crucial to breathe in fresh air, get your blood pumping, and escape being glued to a screen. We want to practice what we preach about upkeeping your best health physically and mentally, and getting outside is something we want to make a priority in the new year.

4. Show our gratitude for others

We are grateful for our team, our families, our dogs, but, most of all, we are grateful for you. We want to dedicate this year to ensuring we are doing everything we can to show how much we appreciate you. We are constantly listening to your suggestions and implementing changes around here that make your experience even better, and we want to make sure we are putting small bits of joy in your day every single day. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to get a daily dose of love from us -- including our current giveaway. Just one extra way for us to show you we love you.

One month down, 11 more to go. Let’s keep going and create positive change in our lives!

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