Tips & Tricks Jun 29, 2020

5 Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe & Happy on July 4th

by Taylor Hogan

According to the American Humane Society, the day after July 4th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. If you have a pet, you probably know that loud noises from parties and fireworks can often induce anxiety. Companion animals respond to these anxieties and fear in various ways like hiding, chewing, jumping fences, or escaping their homes. These out of character behaviors are rooted in fear. Unlike humans, pets do not associate loud bangs and the smell of firework ash with celebrations. Their fight or flight instincts will kick in, causing them to act out of character to protect themselves.

This July 4th, pet owners can take precautions to ensure your furry friends are safe. We’ve compiled tips and tricks to help keep your pets safe and calm this July 4th:

Keep your pet calm with CBD on July 4th

1. Make sure your pet is inside

Fireworks aren't for pets! Keep your cats and dogs inside, and if possible, away from the noise and party. If they are outside and spooked by a sudden loud noise, they may run off or hop a fence in fear. While pets thrive outside most of the time, July 4 is an instance where it might be better to leave your favorite furry friend inside. If your pet has separation anxiety, try giving them a Zen Pet CBD Chew before leaving. Also, regularly check in on them to be sure they are still inside and well.

2. Give your pet extra playtime

The loud noises may make falling asleep for your pet harder. Take your dog for an extra walk, or play with the cats a little bit longer before leaving for July 4 celebrations. Wearing your pet out will help your pet to sleep soundly and help them to sleep through the loud noises. The extra energy expenditure leaves less energy for your pet to be anxious.

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3. Try out CBD for pets

Many of us are already aware of the benefits CBD can have for humans, but did you know animals can also benefit from CBD?

Like humans, our pets have an endocannabinoid system that interacts with cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp plants. We think all pets can benefit from hemp CBD, especially for those who don't like separation, loud noises, fireworks, or thunder.

For a convenient and delicious way for your pets to enjoy CBD, try Populum's newest product: Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews. The chews are soft and made with the highest quality natural ingredients. They are formulated with wild Alaskan salmon and apple for a flavor that dogs and cats both love. Each chew has 3mg of CBD, making dosing up for larger animals easy.

4. Make sure your pet has his or her ID tag on

If your pet gets loose and is lost without identification, finding them again can be a lot harder. Consider a microchip implant with your contact information that can easily be scanned at any vet or rescue clinic. Double-check your pet had identification securely attached to their collar. Be sure all the information on their tags is up to date as well.

5. Never use fireworks around any pets or animals

There are many dangers associated with fireworks. Being around lighter fluid, grills, and bonfires, can also be dangerous. Smoke can affect the tiny lungs of animals and cause health problems.

Fireworks can contain toxic chemicals that would be potentially fatal for an animal to chew on or swallow. The plastic pieces that get left behind are a choking hazard for pets. The bright colors from the packaging may make the excess plastic look like a toy for the pet. Parts from fireworks can also be hot, which are dangerous for pets as well.

It is best to keep animals away in a safe place far from any fireworks. They should not be able to access the fireworks area during celebrations, but also the next day, as many leftover pieces and parts can still be lingering in the area. Be sure to clean up the firework and party area thoroughly the next day. Walk the yard and pick up extra fireworks pieces that may have fallen into your pet's area. Even if you did not set off any fireworks on the fourth, neighbors' fireworks could fall from the sky into your pet's territory.

See more tips on the American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty).

Following these tips and keeping your pets away from parties can help you and your furry friends to have a safe Fourth of July celebration.

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Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil

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