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Long-Term Benefits of CBD: Why Consistency Is Key

by Kit O'Connell

Does CBD work right away, or do its benefits build up over time? With so much interest in this uniquely beneficial supplement, we wanted to take a closer look at the long-term benefits of CBD.

Millions of people have tried CBD oil in recent years thanks to the incredible popularity of this supplement, and numerous reports of how it can help people feel better. Even though millions have felt the positive effects, others wonder whether it can really work for them.

When it comes to CBD oil and other CBD products, at Populum, we believe consistency is key, and that there are significant long-term benefits to taking it regularly. That’s based on our research, and what we’ve heard from our customers and other CBD consumers. Not only does CBD probably work best if you take it every day, it also matters that you take only high quality products from reliable brands. Our customers rave about the long-term benefits of our products:

“I've been using Populm oil and cream for months,” said Nancy S. “It's the best CBD I've found on the market.”

In short, just like pretty much any other health supplement, consistency is key. With time and patience, your body will respond and you’ll see the best results. In addition, thanks to our subscription program, you’ll save more while using Populum CBD.

A young woman uses CBD consistently every evening

The endocannabinoid system & the long term benefits of CBD

The best results don’t happen overnight.

Just like when you start a new workout routine, you don’t expect to develop six-pack abs on day one. Or, if you were part of a theater performance, you’d want to practice your craft before appearing before a live audience.

Then you workout every day for a month or two, and you can really see the difference when you look in the mirror. Or, after weeks of rehearsals, you know a lot more about how to hone your talents and put on a show. You get the idea.

Many people react to CBD much in the same way. Using CBD oil supplements routinely helps our bodies respond and, as result, we are able to see a greater beneficial impact.

“After a couple months of use, I believe I feel calmer and have been sleeping better,” Thomas W., a longtime Populum customer.

This could be because of how CBD works on the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a network of receptors and nerves in our bodies that helps promote homeostasis, or a feeling of balance. From our minds to our major organs, the ECS helps connect it all. Early research shows that CBD helps to maintain a well balanced endocannabinoid system.

Essentially, by taking CBD, you’re using part of the hemp plant to give your body a little push into optimal health.

Creating a consistent routine with CBD Oil

Populum has thousands of active subscribers who use CBD for sleep, to manage their daily stress, for their skin and much more.

But getting started can feel overwhelming. We recommend that new customers pick a routine and stick to it for at least 30 days, to see how they feel.

“I have nothing but love for Populum! I've been taking the 500mg CBD Oil for a little over a month,” said Zane W. “I feel better than I have in a very long time!”

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The standard beginner’s advice for CBD is to “start low” and “go slow.” You might decide to take our CBD oil every night at the same time, an hour or so before bed, as you’re winding down. You might start with just a full dropper, or even just a half dropper of our extract.

After a few weeks or a month, you’ll have a great idea of whether that dose is working, or whether you should change it.

Consistent, long-term use of CBD supplements could also maximize the so-called “entourage effect.” Populum makes CBD supplements from full-spectrum hemp extract, meaning there are numerous trace natural compounds present in addition to CBD, like CBN, CBG and terpenes. Over time, your body may be able to take better advantage of these less common cannabinoids.

Rhonda H. said, “I have been using this product for a couple months now and have been very pleased with the effect it has had on my anxiety and sleep.”

A CBD subscription plan helps you reach better wellness

Of course, you could start with any of our products, from CBD capsules to topicals. You might decide to consistently apply our Cold Therapy Hemp Rub after every workout to see if it improves your recovery time. Or you could decide to make our Lavender + CBD Face Oil part of your nightly skin care routine. We bet you’ll see a major improvement!

Want to guarantee that you don’t run out of this wonderful supplement? Then you should consider one of our subscription plans. A CBD subscription is the best way to ensure consistency right from the start, while allowing you to find what works for you, all at a discounted price. You’ll save on Populum CBD products as soon as you start your subscription, but you can still switch it up or cancel at any time you want.

A CBD subscription isn't just about trying a new product here and there — it's about helping establish a consistent wellness regimen to help you reap the long-term benefits. Not only is it convenient, but you get free shipping in addition to the discount.

By taking CBD consistently, you can experience the long term benefits of CBD

Three generations benefit from Populum CBD subscriptions

We thought we’d close with one of our favorite stories, about three three generations now benefiting from Populum.

We know there’s a lot of products out there, which is why we try to inform you with our articles and education, so you feel confident making the right decision, like Jordan did.

“I researched several different brands and strengths of CBD oil before taking the leap, and I read every review of each brand,” Jordan said. “Not only did Populum have the most positive reviews, but a large number of them were written by people who had tried other brands and switched to Populum for better results.”

First, Jordan began with just one subscription, but the results soon spoke for themselves. “I ordered a subscription for my husband about 6 months ago. These CBD drops have been life changing for both of us.”

Seeing how much Populum helped, it was only natural to want to share that gift of wellness.

“I sing Populum’s praises every chance I get, and now my mom and grandma have subscriptions!”

* Author Bio: Kit O’Connell is a writer and journalist from Austin, Texas. His work has also appeared in Yes! Magazine, the Texas Observer, and elsewhere. He served as Editor in Chief of the Ministry of Hemp from 2017 until 2021.

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