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We have the perfect Mother's Day CBD gift idea

by Ashley Ballard

Mothers Day CBD Gift
Photographer: Anisha Sisodia Populum x Amber Vittoria limited edition Cold Therapy Hemp Rub tube and box.

We are excited to release our limited edition Mother’s Day Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub. With Mother’s Day coming up soon on May 12, 2019, we created this product to help you give the powerful women in your life the gift of natural wellness.The limited edition Mother’s Day Cold Therapy Hemp Rub has a fresh look designed by illustrator Amber Vittoria, but is made with our same trusted hemp CBD rub formula. Our limited edition packaging makes a beautiful gift that spreads the feeling of feminine empowerment with a nod to the importance of moms.

Here’s 3 reasons why Populum’s Mother’s Day Cold Therapy Hemp Rub is the perfect gift:

1. It’s new!

For a mom who has everything, hemp CBD is probably something she doesn’t have. This gift is not only something she’ll enjoy, but it will also be a new experience for her.

2. It’s soothing

We all want our moms to treat themselves on Mother’s Day. Our special edition hemp rub is the perfect way for your mom to relax and unwind. Our recommendation is to have mom start with a hot bath and then cool off after with the hemp rub.

3. It’s a gift you and she can feel good about

All Populum products are made in the USA with natural ingredients. With every shipment, Populum shares validated third party lab results that show the actual ingredients of the product and how much hemp CBD it contains.

Populum_Amber Vittoria-7
Photographer: Anisha Sisodia
Populum_Amber Vittoria-6
Photographer: Anisha Sisodia

About the artist

We specifically chose to work with Vittoria because of her focus on “femininity and the female form,” and she strives to create pieces that portray women within the art space. Between her vibrant colors and feminist narrative, we felt that Vittoria’s strides as an artist aligned with our values as a company: celebrating self-care, natural beauty, and inclusion for all.

We asked Amber about how her mom influences her work, and she said:

“My mom is incredible; she always encourages me to be proud of who I am, where I am going, and what inspires me.”

Photographer: Ashley Ballard
Photographer: Ashley Ballard

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