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Our favorite stores to shop local online this holiday season

by Caitlin March

Shop local

You may have heard of Small Business Saturday where consumers are encouraged to shop local. According to American Express, the company that founded Small Business Saturday, for every dollar spent at a small business in the U.S., approximately 67 cents stays in the local community.

But shopping local does not only mean shopping at local mom and pop stores. Shopping local can also be done online. Many small businesses, like Populum, sell merchandise online but are still considered “local” businesses. In Populum’s case, we are based in Omaha, NE and Phoenix, AZ. Though we do not have a brick and mortar store in either location, we sell CBD through the many boutiques, spas, doctors offices and other shops through the area. As a company, we are also are extremely active in our community through our charitable givings, educational efforts and employee community involvement in both Phoenix, AZ and Omaha, NE.

And we’re not alone. According to Business Insider, 66 percent of small businesses sell products through their websites. As consumers, we can still “shop local” but do it with the added convenience of being able to buy online.

Here’s a list of Populum partners, vintage shops, and our favorite online stores from across the country where you can shop local online this holiday season.

AZ Local Nomad
Local Nomad


Local Nomad - Phoenix, AZ
Local Nomad is a gifting + clothing boutique focused on carrying handcrafted goods from makers, artists and independent designers from all over the world. And bonus, Populum is sold there!

Shop Category: Women’s Clothing, Accessories
CA flowerpot
The Flower Pot LA


The Flower Pot LA - Los Angeles, CA
A cannabis & CBD store that offers revitalizing tonics, balancing herbal blends, aromatic oils and luxurious consumption accessories. And bonus, Populum is sold there!

Shop Category: Cannabis

Think as Thieves - Palm Springs, CA
Thick As Thieves was started by a husband and wife team team who packed up everything they owned and moved from the Midwest to beautiful Palm Springs, California to open their first brick and mortar boutique store in early 2017. This highly curated shop sells handmade goods, gifts, clothing, oddities and unique finds that blend industrial, primitive, modern and global styles.

Shop Category: Clothing, Gifts
CO meek
Meek / Denver, CO


Meek - Denver, CO
Curated vintage and handmade goods, including housewares, vintage clothing, art, jewelry, candles and personal care products.

Shop Category: Art, Women's Clothing, Accessories
IA Fontenelle Supply Co
Fontenelle Supply Co / Des Moines, IA


Fontenelle Supply Co - Des Moines, IA
They manufacture leather goods sourced from USA materials and offer a highly curated selection of men’s clothing brands.

Shop Category: Men's Clothing

Preservation - Des Moines, IA
After years of selling vintage under the name Vintage Salvation, Nicole Lorenson decided to expand by opening a brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Today, Nicole shares with you her collection of unique vintage + modern clothing, accessories, and home goods in her store and online.

Shop Category: Women's Clothing
Sal las
Sal Las / Miami, FL


SAL LAS - Miami, FL
An online brand based in Miami, FL, whose goal is to help build a boundless community of empowered women that are confident in expressing their own timeless personal style that lives beyond trend, while also allowing to create moments that reflect each brand’s narrative. Oh, and all their clothing, accessories, jewelry and more are amazing!

Shop Category: Women's Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry
Brookline Booksmith / Boston, MA


Brookline Booksmith - Boston, MA
An iconic Boston bookstore. Located just outside of Boston in Coolidge Corner, originally opened in 1961 as Paperback Booksmith with the slogan “Dedicated to the fine art of browsing.”

Shop Category: Books
Carousel and folk image
Carousel + Folk / Minneapolis, MN


Carousel + Folk - Minneapolis, MN
Located in trendy south Minneapolis, this shop brings together beautiful textiles, woven baskets, handmade pottery, rattan furniture and more for gifts and home.

Shop Category: Gifts, Home Goods, Accessories
Dear society new
Dear Society Shop / Kansas City, MO


Dear Society Shop - Kansas City, MO
A curated collection of modern and vintage clothing, treasures for your home & an apothecary selection that your skin will love. Dear Society creates a space for local artisans and designers, and are continually adding onto that list to bring a unique and beautiful selection of goods.

Shop Category: Art, Clothing
NE Dusk Goodsand G Ifts
Dusk Goods / Omaha, NE


Dusk Goods - Omaha, NE
An Omaha staple that specializes in selling hand-crafted jewelry, baby & kids clothing, vintage and home gifts thoughtfully curated from artisans all over the world.

Shop Category: Vintage, Women's Clothing, Kids Clothing, Jewelry

Artemis Teas - Omaha, NE
Artemis Teas' hand-crafted, small-batch Artisan tea blends are created with mindful precision to arouse the senses, stimulate the mind and imagination, and to support vibrant well-being.

Shop Category: Tea

The Simple Man Store - Omaha, NE
One of our favorites. A new approach to a men’s clothing store. They specialize in on the "other" pieces a man desires to complete himself and display his distinct brand. These include personal care items, accessories, lifestyle goods, and other unique items a distinguished man seeks.

Shop Category: Men's Accessories & Clothing

Wax Buffalo - Lincoln, NE
If you live in Nebraska, you will likely recognize Wax Buffalo’s iconic “X” logo on their candles. Wax Buffalo creates soy wax candles that come in the most heavenly scents.

Shop Category: Candles
NC Summit Coffee
Summit Coffee / Asheville, NC

North Carolina

Summit Coffee - Asheville, NC
Situated in what is arguably one of the most beautiful areas of the country, Summit Coffee sources highest-quality specialty coffee from small-lot producers around the world.

Shop Category: Coffee


Pittsburgh House of Oils - Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh House of Oils is a locally owned health and wellness store that specializes in CBD, essential oils and aromatherapy products. Through detailed research and a vigilant selection process, we have curated only the finest products to support you, your family and your pets!

Shop Category: CBD, Essential Oils
VA 310 Rosemont
310 Rosemont / Roanoke, VA


310 Rosemont - Roanoke, VA
A Roanoke landmark, 310 Rosemont is a contemporary boutique for men and women, specializing in bringing you the latest trends and exceptional customer service.

Shop Category: Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing & Accessories
DC Compass Coffee
Compass Coffee / Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Compass Coffee - Washington, DC
A local favorite coffee shop, Compass Coffee sells a wide variety of coffee beans online. We recommend the Shaw Blend with a dropper of Populum's orange CBD oil.

Shop Category: Coffee
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