Announcements Oct 19, 2020

Populum Permanently Adds Unflavored Full-Spectrum CBD To Product Lineup

by Taylor Hogan

We are excited to announce our tincture line's expansion to include an Unflavored Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil. Our new unflavored tincture contains just the essentials with only three ingredients: full-spectrum hemp extract, grapeseed oil, and hempseed oil.

At Populum, we've chosen to keep our products simple so that people beginning their CBD journey can easily find a supplement that is right for them. While other brands have expanded to include multiple types and flavors of tinctures, we found having too many options actually leads to more confusion for those new to CBD.

Until now, we have only offered our orange-infused full-spectrum tincture, but as we've grown, so has the demand for an unflavored tincture option.

"After hearing from our longtime community members, we decided to add the unflavored option to our shelves permanently," said Greg Parker, Populum's Founder. "The unflavored tincture is made for those who prefer the pure taste of hemp CBD."

All our CBD tinctures, including our newest Unflavored CBD Oil Tincture, are:

  • All Natural & Vegan
  • Free of GMOs, Parabens, Phthalates, Mycotoxins (check out our lab report)
  • Never tested on animals
  • Produced in a CGMP facility
Populum's New Unflavored 500mg Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

How To Decide Between Unflavored & Flavored CBD Tinctures

With the permanent addition of our Unflavored Full-Spectrum Tincture, customers now have the choice between flavored or unflavored. So how do you decide? Ask yourself these four questions:

1. Have you tried CBD before?

If you have not tried CBD Oil before, we would recommend starting with our flavored Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil tincture. Our Full-Spectrum tincture has an award-winning orange flavor and has received acclaim in the CBD community as the best tasting CBD tincture available in the market.

If you've taken CBD before, you know that a full-spectrum hemp tincture can have an earthy smell and flavor. If this is something that you enjoy, give Populum's new unflavored tincture a try.

2. How do you intend to use the CBD?

If you're interested in taking sublingually (the preferred method for taking CBD), it may be best to consider our flavored Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil as the light orange taste & subtle stevia flavoring makes the experience enjoyable.

Contrarily, if you plan to use CBD in your cooking, smoothies, or drinks, you may choose to use the unflavored. For example, check out this recipe for Post-Workout CBD Oil Protein Bite by our friend at Everyday Dishes.

3. Do you like oranges?

If you don't like oranges, try the unflavored CBD Oil tincture. While our Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil tincture is often rated "best-tasting CBD" by sites like Ministry of Hemp and Herbonaut, some people just don't like the taste of citrus or oranges. And that's okay! If you're one of those people, the unflavored is the way to go.

4. Are you a CBD purist?

If you're just not interested in any flavoring, try the Unflavored CBD Oil. With only three ingredients: full-spectrum hemp extract, grapeseed oil & hempseed oil, the unflavored tincture is perfect for those interested in the pure and simple benefits of a full-spectrum hemp CBD.

Populum's 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD tincture with water, blends well without the flavoring

Why We Love Our Unflavored CBD Oil Tincture

Just because it's unflavored doesn't mean it's not complex. Just like Populum's original tincture, we only use the richest full-spectrum extracts available. This makes our products the most effective on the market.

Before launching the unflavored tincture, we had our team give it a try. Here's why they loved it:

  • It only has three ingredients
  • It's great in recipes, coffees & smoothies
  • Contains a light earthy flavor
  • Most natural way to consume CBD
  • And bonus! If you're budget-conscious, the unflavored 500mg tincture is more affordable than our signature orange 500mg tincture
Populum's Unflavored Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

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Unflavored Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Subscription

At Populum, we always try to meet the needs of our community. As we have grown as a company, more and more of you have asked for an Unflavored CBD subscription option. With today's official launch, our customers can now purchase and manage an unflavored subscription.

Just like all our other products, the Unflavored Tincture subscription is completely customizable and makes your wellness routine easily manageable. You can pause, cancel, or change delivery dates easily.

And, of course, customers are still able to take advantage of our 30-day risk-free trial.

A woman holding Populum's 500mg Unflavored Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

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