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Almost a Perfect 10! Populum is Awarded the CBD Informative Badge

by Taylor Hogan

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After being put to the test, Populum is proud to now boast CBD Informative's Badge of Approval. The popular review site has reviewed many other CBD products, and Populum is proud to be amount their top three.

CBD is completely new to many, and Populum wants to make trying it out seamless. In CBD Informative's review of Populum's 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture, they pointed out Populum’s extensive FAQ website features, alongside excellent customer support and educational resources. Populum’s 30-day risk free trial was also praised in their review. CBD Informative's article read:

“This no-nonsense trial was recognized for it’s straightforward and honest approach to offering CBD trials to those first-time users who may be apprehensive.”

About CBD Informative

CBD Informative is a CBD review site with a mission to quantify the quality of CBD products in a market that is rapidly growing with new brands everyday. CBD Informative partners with their own choice of a third-party lab to test products and provide accurate ratings based off of four categories. Their 8-point weighted rating system is based off the following categories:

  • Potency: 5
  • Effects: 1
  • Taste: 1
  • Packaging: 1

Potency is the highest weighted score, making testing for potency in each product important. Populum prides themselves in CBD-potent products. We filter out unwanted fillers in order to provide a pure CBD product experience.

Populum received a 10/10 score in categories of "Potency," "Packaging" and "Effect" from CBD Informative. Populum received a 9.1/10 in the "Taste" category. Overall, Populum received a very high 9.89 out of 10 rating from CBD informative.

cbd informative

The review praised Populum as a “top-flight” product and a “CBD-lover’s dream." CBD Informative dives deep with every review, with thorough testing and reviews from CBD experts.

Populum’s premium full-spectrum CBD oil was also awarded the Remedy Review Seal after their appraisal of our robust independent testing.

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