Announcements Jul 13, 2020

Populum Is Now in Anthropologie Stores

by Caitlin March

Populum’s CBD skincare line has hit shelves at national retailer, Anthropologie. As a thriving online and brick & mortar retailer, Anthropologie now sells Populum’s Lavender + CBD Face Oil and the Cold Therapy Hemp Rub.

The Cold Therapy Hemp Rub is a cult-favorite product among Populum’s thousands of monthly subscribers because of the arctic-cooling relief it provides for sore muscles and joints. Their newest product, the Lavender + CBD Face Oil is unique to the market and is revolutionizing evening beauty routines across the country. The face oil combines 250mg of hemp CBD and lavender essential oil to create an effective formula for skincare rituals.


“From the beginning, Populum's mission has been to provide high-quality, trustworthy hemp products to conscious consumers,” said Greg Parker, Populum’s Founder. “Unfortunately, over the past few years, we've seen the market being flooded with low quality CBD products that have only built up the misconceptions around this product category.”

Park continued, “To avoid this crowd, we're always careful and deliberate about selecting the right partners to offer our products and to help educate customers. We're excited to onboard with Anthropologie and for its customers to try our CBD skincare products."

National Retailers Carrying CBD

While CBD ingestibles are now commonly used in the U.S., the benefits of CBD for skin are still emerging. As awareness grows for these benefits, so does consumer demand. According to Technavio Research, a leading global technology research and advisory company, the CBD-infused cosmetics market is poised to grow by $3 billion by 2024.

Some studies show that the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for reacting with cannabinoids to provide CBD’s effects, is also present in skin. This is why full-spectrum hemp lotion is often an effective choice for people dealing with acne or dry skin. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and nutrient properties have shown to relieve a variety of skin issues. Other possible topical benefits also include powerful antioxidants, elasticity, and reduced acne.

Large retailers like Anthropologie and Sephora are adding CBD skincare products to their shelves, but not before thoroughly vetting the brands. For example, before Sephora will sell any CBD products, the CBD product must meet their “Clean at Sephora” guidelines and seal of approval. The CBD products must also be broad or full-spectrum CBD and third party tested to ensure their quality standards are met.

Similarly, Anthropologie chose to carry Populum because of our commitment to clean and natural ingredients. Despite the lack of regulation in the cosmetic and CBD industries in the U.S., Populum conducts comprehensive testing to ensure the safety and quality of all our CBD products. Populum continues to advance its mission of being the pioneer of transparency in the CBD marketplace.

While Anthropologie will not sell monthly Populum subscriptions (something you can only find exclusively on you can make a one-time Populum purchase along with all your other favorite art, clothing and accessories at Time to start shopping!

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Lavender + CBD Face Oil

Lavender + CBD Face Oil

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