Community Jan 11, 2021

Populum Spreads Holiday Cheer In Phoenix

by Emily Rockwell

After the way 2020 played out, there were fewer events and public gatherings during the holiday season. That led North-Phoenix Macaroni Kid Publisher, Julie Weimer, to bring in the Elfing Program to Phoenix. Elfing is a COVID-safe way to give back to the local community. Through the program, Weimer and team provided “buckets of cheer” to nurses, teachers, families and other community members.

Populum donated Cold Therapy Hemp Rubs and Lavender + CBD Face Oils to the “buckets of cheer.” And our team even helped distribute them in the community. Here’s why giving back to the community is so important to Populum.

Gift Baskets for Populum's Holiday Cheer initiative with Macaroni Kid

Giving Back Locally During The Holidays

Populum was founded in Tempe, Arizona. While our team is now spread out throughout the country, Phoenix is still considered our second headquarters. We have several team members who live there, including our director of partnerships, Emily Rockwell.

Rockwell connected Populum with Julie Weimer of Macaroni Kid North Phoenix to coordinate donations and volunteer efforts over the holiday. In total, Populum contributed to the 300 “buckets of cheer” that went to families, teachers, nurses and other community members.

"Being able to partner with a well-respected local organization like Macaroni Kid was exciting for us,” said Rockwell. “We not only donated the product, but myself and my two little boys were able to help Weimer pass some of the buckets out. It was a great experience for them to volunteer their time, and do something positive for our community. We're really looking forward to working with Macaroni Kid more in the future."

Julie Weimer is the Publisher and Editor of Macaroni Kid, a local family news guide that provides resources on local activity guides & news for parents & families. Weimer worked tirelessly over the course of two months to bring the Elfing Program to North Phoenix, with a mission to spread joy in an unconventional way during the 2020 holiday season. That extra cheer was certainly needed after a long year for everyone.

Populum's Emily Rockwell and her kids helping to hand out gift baskets to spread cheer

Populum & The Phoenix Community

As a small business, Populum knows the importance of emphasizing why shopping small and local is so important. This past year, we took this a step further by collaborating with local businesses to create new products. Our Orange + CBD Raw Honey was created in collaboration with local Phoenix bee farm Sweet Summer Farms. And we created a Citrus + Black Currant Tumbler Candle with Phoenix partner Standard Wax. Not only did this provide us with a great way to connect with the Phoenix community, but we were able to create one of a kind products that had the quality that large brands can’t quite meet at large production scales.

To learn more about Macaroni Kid (North Phoenix and Central), please visit:

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