Community Dec 13, 2019

Populum Team Volunteers at Omaha Mission

by Taylor Hogan

Omaha mission 1

The Populum team got into the spirit of the holiday season yesterday, devoting their time to others at the Heartland Hope Mission of Omaha. As a company, Populum values the spirit of volunteerism and the impact it can have on the lives of others. Populum strives to give back to local communities with time, resources, and monetary donations.

Spotlight on the Heartland Hope Mission

The Heartland Hope Mission of Omaha, NE gives back by providing working families with some of life’s basic staples. From necessities such as a week's supply of food, clothing and hygiene items, to intangible resources such as job and community referrals. When a family struggles to make ends meet, seeing a future outside of their current situation can be difficult. Heartland Hope works to meet with individuals and provide them with the resources they need to become self-sufficient.

Omaha mission

“It was great for us to get out of the office and make a small, yet positive, impact to the community” said Greg Parker, Populum Founder. "We spent time together as a team while contributing to a cause. I believe that giving to others has a positive impact on our own lives - making us happier and giving us a greater sense of purpose.”

Greg Parker continued, “We at Populum value being a part of our local community. Volunteering and being a part of a community greatly impacts the place we live. By getting involved, we are contributing to something bigger than us. We are helping to improve the well-being of the businesses, local neighbors and government. We want our community to be a better place to live. That’s why shopping, volunteering and getting involved locally is so important.”

Caitlin March Volunteering
Caitlin March, Populum Director of Marketing, at the Heartland Hope Mission

Ways you can volunteer this holiday season

Here are a few other ways you can get involved in your community this holiday season:

  • Participate in a charity run: From turkey trots to ugly sweater Christmas races, these fun runs often raise money for a local community. Take a furry friend along for an animal shelter 5k, or get a family together for a new holiday tradition.
  • Volunteer at a shelter: This year, the Populum team in Omaha volunteered time at a local mission. Spending time for others but also spent together to help strengthen our own team!
  • Organization a food, coat or toy drive: Many local nonprofits already have programs available to set up your own item drive. The Heartland Mission makes it easy for local businesses, family, clubs or organizations to host their own drive. The Heartland Mission even provides marketing materials to help make your drive successful.
  • Help out a neighbor: Know someone who could use a break? Give your time to a busy parent who could use some time off by offering to babysit. Know an eldely neighbor? Offer to shovel their driveway or rake up leaves for them. Little actions go a long way.
  • Pay it forward surprise: This is the easiest way to give to others and do something kind for a complete stranger. The next time you go through a drive thru for your morning coffee, pay for the person behind you. Eating at a restaurant and see a person wearing a war vet hat? Try buying their meal or drink. Little actions encourage others to be a little kinder towards others and pay forward kindness!

The arrival of the holiday season is a great reminder to focus on gratitude and giving. Volunteering and random acts of kindness go a long way for others. Try getting involved this season and strengthen your community.

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