Populum CBD Capsule Expands
Announcements Aug 29, 2019

Populum's CBD Capsule Line Expands

by Caitlin March

Today we’re thrilled to introduce Populum’s 450mg capsule! We love the convenience of the original 750mg capsule, and when our customers asked for one with a lower concentration of CBD, we listened. Meet the 450mg capsule.

It’s everything you love about Populum’s original 750mg capsule, but in a milder concentration for more dosage control. Put it in your bag or pocket as you head out the door, and enjoy the convenience of the capsule anytime you need it. This new, lower dosage is perfect for those who want to take CBD throughout the day, and for anyone who is new to hemp CBD. If you’re familiar with our 500mg CBD tincture, the 450mg capsule is as close as you can get to the same dosage. We think it’s a great starting point if you’re wanting to see how CBD can fit into your life.

The 450mg capsule is sold in a 30-capsule bottle and only has two active ingredients: non-GMO full-spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil. We also offer a monthly subscription at a discounted price if you are looking to implement the capsule into your regular routine!

Read more about our 450mg Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsule.

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