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I'm A Mother, A Business Owner, & This is My Self-Care CBD Routine

by Samantha Thompson

Samantha Thompson is a creative entrepreneur living in sunny Tempe, Arizona. With a background in public relations and marketing but a passion for calling the shots and running businesses, Sam started an e-commerce candle company, Standard Wax, in 2012. She brings her passions for all things art and design to Standard Wax to create products that are functional and highly beautiful.

Samatha Thopson, a mom and businesswoman, talks about her self care CBD routine

When my husband and I brought our baby home from the hospital, we spent a lot of time on the internet learning how to be good parents. We googled almost everything, up until the day our pediatrician told us to stop asking the internet for advice and to turn to trusted friends and family who had already been through the newborn phase. While that advice has stuck with me almost a year and a half later (and I think it applies to everything in life, quite frankly) it’s not exactly what I’m here to talk about.

The thing we spent the most time researching? Sleep.

What I learned in my quest to help my baby sleep better (and in turn help me regain my sanity with sweet, sweet slumber) was that Routines. Are. Everything. As we created little cues throughout the day to help Ruby know when it was time to eat or sleep or play, I couldn’t help but connect the dots and realize how important these cues are for grown-ass people, too.

Since becoming a mom (that also runs a business) I’ve found that it’s nearly impossible to relax. At my worst, I sit down to watch a movie or read a book and my brain starts time-traveling to everywhere but the present. I pick up my phone and scroll around. I distract myself in any way possible.

Populum and Standard Wax collaborate on a delicious smelling candle
Populum X Standard Wax 2020 Candle

My Self-Care Routine

This has led me to develop, what I like to call, my self-care ritual. It’s a quick and easy routine that allows me to focus on my own personal wellness. It takes less than 10 minutes and it helps me make the most of my downtime. No more aimless mind, just pure, uninterrupted recharging of my batteries!

  • Change into something cozy. I’m a big fan of fancy pajamas. While ratty old band t-shirts are fun, there’s really something luxurious about a fun matching set.
  • Light a candle. This simple act can be so triggering - in a good way! Choose a scent that will put you at ease and watch the flame flicker for a moment (it can be very meditative). My company, Standard Wax, sells candles scents like Citrus & Black Currant that help to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Do a quick stretch. I like to do a quick full body stretch to really help my body ease into relaxation. There are some great videos out there for guidance, or just follow your intuition and do what feels good. I don’t ever spend more than five minutes here.
  • Take CBD. I especially love Populum’s 500mg Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil because, just like the scent of a candle, the flavor of the oil can be a cue for your brain that it’s time to chill.
  • Throw my phone away. Not in the trash, but at least somewhere out of reach. I usually pop it on the charger in another room so I can’t be tempted to distract myself with it while I read or watch TV.

And just like that, your mind and body are ready for some quality time with Netflix (or whatever your guilty pleasure is).

Standard Wax owner shares some of her wellness routine tips and tricks
Photo by @bepeachie

More About Samantha:

Sam believes the things in your home should be a reflection of how you want to feel, and every product she designs is created with a feeling in mind. She's also a firm believer in buying quality over quantity and is ultra-particular about what makes it into her own home.

When she's not creating beautiful things or traveling, you can find her at home with her husband, her daughter Ruby and a whole slew of pets enjoying Arizona's perfect weather.

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