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Clean, Ethical & Reliable CBD: The Populum Difference (Video)

by Greg Parker

The CBD industry has changed a lot since I started Populum in 2016. What was once a largely stigmatized substance, CBD is now a commonly used supplement helping millions of people every day. CBD has hit the mainstream.

But with this popularity, a lot of challenges have grown alongside it. Taking advantage of the buzz, opportunistic brands have flooded the market by making outrageous claims and using cheap ingredients.

You can now find CBD being sold in gas stations, smoke shops, and even at your neighborhood multi-level marketing (MLM) parties. Over the past two years, we've seen some wacky products such as CBD pillows sold online or CBD hummus showing up in grocery stores. Even worse, when the pandemic started, some brands have had the audacity to make claims about COVID-19 immunity.

Brands are seemingly saying whatever they want. More than anything, this has caused more confusion and reluctance from customers to try CBD.

Through Populum, I set out to create a brand focused on transparency. "Ad Populum" translates to "for the people" in Latin. We have always been dedicated to helping customers interested in trying CBD feel confident and safe - because they know where it's coming from and who's making it.

As we've grown over the past five years, we've doubled down on this
mission by listening to our customers' feedback, improving our quality
assurance, and refining our product development. We believe our
approach, what we call the Populum Difference, has raised the bar for the entire industry.

Here's how we stand out amongst the crowd.

1. We offer true full-spectrum CBD.

Our hemp extract, where the CBD comes from, is truly full-spectrum. Other players in the market...not so much.

CBD Full-Spectrum dilution is a new (unfortunate) trend we have seen in the industry. There are brands that dilute full-spectrum extracts by mixing them with CBD isolates. This is an easy way to boost CBD concentration by using a cheaper ingredient, while still claiming that the end product is a "full-spectrum oil." Or worse, some brands use CBD isolates and mislabel them as "full-spectrum."

Why does this matter? Let's say you purchase an expensive high-quality shampoo. Later, you find out that the company has been cited for diluting the shampoo with water. While the company still can list all the product ingredients, you are not getting the high-quality concentration you paid for. Much like this, CBD companies are doing the same to sell their products as higher quality than they actually are.

Full-spectrum products are generally accepted as the most effective type of CBD. There are over 100 different cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant. CBD is just one of them. Populum's products use extractions that maintain a pure, healthy mix of cannabinoids like CBN, CBG & terpenes. All this is in addition to the labeled CBD concentration. That's what you get with a true full-spectrum product.

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2. We guarantee CBD concentration.

A study has found that almost 70% of CBD brands on the market either under-label or over-label their products. For example, if you buy a random bottle of CBD oil labeled as "1000mg," there's a good chance that the bottle contains far less CBD than that.

As CBD is a natural extract derived from plants, it's impossible to make the potency exactly the same for every batch. Yet, with strict internal quality assurance, Populum ensures giving you what you're paying for. We guarantee every bottle contains at least the labeled CBD amount, with up to 10% more than what's on the label.

3. We use simple, clean ingredients.

Populum CBD products are made from simple ingredients

CBD oil has been used for thousands of years in its simplest form. Today, as innovation drives more CBD products to market, the more gimmicky the products have become.

Populum believes that getting the benefits of CBD should not be complicated or confusing. Our products are not packed with a long list of ingredients and chemicals that are hard to identify or even pronounce. Our products contain simple, clean ingredients that are natural and good for the body.

You might wonder why don't all CBD companies take this approach. Creating a formulation of simple, clean ingredients requires more R&D and upfront cost. Sugars, chemicals, and preservatives tend to be easier and cheaper to produce products.

But as we've established quality and transparency as our top priority, we've ensured not to cut corners on our ingredients, quality inspection, or third-party lab testing. We're proud of the fact that most of our products have 6 ingredients or less!

That's the Populum Difference

There's a lot to say about CBD. We know some people are skeptical. And there are brands out there taking advantage of the industry during its infancy. While it might be easier for us to follow the crowd, we've chosen a different path.

We're excited to continue to serve our customers the highest quality products, the creme de la creme, or hemp de la hemp, if you will. We believe you deserve better, and we're here to change the landscape of modern self-care with clean, simple, honest CBD.

Quality. Simplicity. Honesty. Transparency.

That's...The Populum Difference

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