Community May 20, 2020

The Populum Team Gives Back To Veterans on National Poppy Day

by Taylor Hogan

As Memorial Day approaches, we are reminded to reach out and thank those who fight for our freedoms. A holiday not as widely known that also celebrates veterans and their sacrifice is National Poppy Day. Held annually the Friday before Memorial Day, National Poppy Day commemorates veterans who have worked to protect and serve our country. The Populum team has special connections with our veterans and military members. This year, the Populum team celebrated them by giving back to the local veteran community.

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What is National Poppy Day?

This year National Poppy Day falls on Friday, May 22, 2020. The red poppy is a nationally recognized symbol of sacrifice that has been worn by Americans since World War I. It is worn to honor those who served and died for our country in all wars. It reminds Americans of the sacrifices made by our veterans while protecting our freedoms. Poppies have been worn, displayed and distributed throughout communities as an effort to honor veteran groups such as the American Legion Family.

Our Director of Customer Experience, Tricia Marks, has a special connection with National Poppy Day as her grandfather is a veteran of World War II. As a kid, Tricia Marks went to local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) with her grandma every Memorial Day to hand out poppies to veterans.

“I remember National Poppy Day being significant to me and Memorial Day weekend in my grandparents hometown,” said Tricia Marks. “It was a celebration but also a remembrance. My grandfather and other veterans carry flags and march to the resting places as a remembrance ceremony. It was very moving and special to me to be a part of it.”


Honoring our Local Veterans

With Tricia Marks's leadership, the Populum team celebrated National Poppy Day by giving back to their local veteran community in Omaha, NE. Our team collected food donations for the Victory Apartments and created special cards with red poppies to give out to the veteran residents living there.

Victory Apartments were created for veterans who otherwise would have difficulties being approved for housing. Populum is proud to support Victory Apartments’ goal to end homeless in the veteran community. Food donations were given help to support the wellbeing of the residents and to show our appreciation for their service.

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Populum’s Veteran Community

Populum has been involved in the military and veteran community since our inception in 2016. Our team deeply appreciates and acknowledges the amount of sacrifice veterans have made for the service and protection of others. Our Active Military & Veterans Assistance Program offers a discount to veterans to make CBD products affordable and accessible to all. The discount for active military and veterans is an additional 25% off. The application process is simple to fill out and can be done online.

CBD has become increasingly popular in Populum’s Veteran Community. With more than 500 active veteran customers, Populum has received numerous testimonies of the impact CBD has had on their lives.

“Like so many others, coming home from deployment was hard and I suffered from PTSD,” said retired US Marine Staff Sergeant, Jason Presley. “It’s been more than five years ago now, but the effects of PTSD still linger. Then in 2017, I suffered a traumatic brain injury, which coupled with my PTSD, made it nearly impossible to sleep. A lot of brain injury survivors turn to prescription medications for treatment, and I was no different.”

"A friend referred me to Populum and I am happy to report that after five years of not sleeping, I finally found something that works."

Presley continued, “I had heard about my fellow Marines using hemp CBD, but I was skeptical. A friend referred me to Populum and I am happy to report that after five years of not sleeping, I finally found something that works. I am no longer taking any prescription sleep medicine. I only take Populum's 500mg Hemp CBD Oil Tincture.”

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For all our veterans and military service members, Populum thanks you and sends you a Poppy this Friday.

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