Dec 17, 2020

This Is How I Use CBD Face Oil During Winters At Lake Tahoe

by Madelana Escudero

Madelana Escudero is a food blogger and culinary school graduate from The International Culinary Center. Her recipes use real, simple ingredients and are influenced by her Italian roots. When she’s not cooking or working at her full-time tech job, she loves spending time outdoors where she resides, in Lake Tahoe.

Madelana Escudero lifestyle blogger at Lake Tahoe

Hi. Hello. How are you today?

I know. We’re all, just okay. Not our best selves. We’re on month ten of this global pandemic and I don’t know about you, but the need for some sense of routine and being near people I love is very much needed. And while it may be a few more months until I can see my people (Zoom fatigue is REAL), I definitely have control over my morning and evening routines while working from home.

We recently moved from NYC to Lake Tahoe, a dream come true, honestly. That’s one positive that came out of the pandemic for me ... more flexibility with work. I no longer need to work from an office which is lovely.

However, one thing I was NOT expecting with the change of location was how much dryer the air is here! Sure, everyone tells you about the high altitude, but my skin, hair and everything in between has been SO DRY. It’s also super cold here. And the fires we’ve been burning in our fireplace almost daily (!) are great for the cozy vibes, but not so great for my skin.

I’m a huge Populum fan and have tried every CBD brand under the sun, but I always come back to Populum! I originally started taking CBD for my anxiety. I suffer from pretty severe anxiety, that usually results in trouble sleeping, constant worrying and the occasional panic attack. The Populum CBD Tincture and Capsules have been a staple in my routine for years. But I’m a new fan of the Lavender + CBD Face Oil! Because you guessed it, the dry skin!

I was already putting lavender on EVERYTHING -- in my laundry soap, scenting my pillows before sleep, essential oil drops on my wrists…. Literally everywhere. But Populum’s Lavender + CBD Face Oil for me has two huge benefits:

  1. The soothing lavender scent helps with my anxiety and,
  2. The oil adds a much needed layer of hydration to my skin in this dry climate.

Here’s my recipe for a calmer, quiet evening routine

I use the Lavender + CBD Face Oil after my moisturizer and press it into my skin, and put extra around my neck and ears. The scent helps me get ready for bed and add another feeling of calmness into my evening routine. I also recommend reading instead of scrolling, and hot vanilla chamomile tea. If my mind still needs to quiet down, I’ll do 1 dropper’s worth of Populum’s CBD Tincture.

I love simple ingredients

Just like things I consume, I always pay attention to the ingredients in my skincare products. There are a lot of cosmetics out there that have hidden ingredients and chemicals - but not Populum. That’s another reason I love the Lavender + CBD Face Oil. It only has four ingredients including:

  • Non-GMO hemp oil: This has phytocannabinoids known to help with inflammation on skin.

  • Lavender oil: The lavender oil helps with fine lines and aging and provides a calming floral scent that helps you to feel at ease.

  • Hempseed oil: Considered a diverse and balanced oil, hempseed oil provides essential fatty acids, vitamins, and various minerals and is great for skin! It doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily at all.

  • Grapeseed oil: An excellent source of omega-6 fatty acids that battles free radicals to help improve your skin. Grapeseed oil is also known to penetrate your skin quickly and doesn't leave your skin feeling oily.

Populum's Lavender Plus CBD Face Oil in front of a cozy fire, because the moisture from this product locks into dry skin

You can check out the full label on Populum’s website as well as their third party lab results that certify that the face oil is free of pesticides & microsolvents.

I have loved getting to know Populum and encourage you to check it out too. You can use my personal discount code BALANCE for 20% off your first purchase.

For more from Madelana, checkout her instagram @itscalledbalance

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