Education Nov 13, 2019

Focusing on transparency in an unregulated CBD Industry (Video)

by Caitlin March

Populum’s founder, Gunhee Park, recently sat down with partner, Svn Space, to talk about how Populum came to be and what we’re doing to help make hemp CBD more transparent in an unregulated CBD market.

Populum’s Origins

Being from South Korea, Gunhee grew up taking a lot of herbal medicine. “I was really sick as a toddler, so we were essentially making weekly visits to the doctor for various issues,” said Gunhee.

Gunhee continued, “During that time, my mom also turned to traditional Eastern herbal medicine, investing a lot of time and effort in getting me all these plant-based supplements. The most exotic supplement I’ve tried are Divlji ginseng that my mom brought home one day. These supposedly grow undisturbed deep in the mountains for decades.”

CBD piqued Gunhee’s interest in 2015. “As somebody who grew up around plant-based remedies, I was particularly drawn to hemp CBD because of its benefits and properties,” said Gunhee.

After spending some time looking for reputable and trustworthy products, he realized how difficult it was to find brands that were transparent and honest about what they were selling. He concluded that the hemp industry has a bit of an image problem.

“The industry is still very young and with it comes a lack of regulation,” said Gunhee. “There are so many brands that make exaggerated claims about what CBD can do.”

Populum’s Transparency in the CBD Industry

Gunhee set out to start Populum as a brand that was transparent and one that consumers could trust, thanks to ethically-sourced hemp grown in the US and third-party lab testing.

“As a brand, we’ve established that transparency is the core value in every aspect of our business, and that comes from caring about the ingredients we put in our products,” Gunhee said.

With transparency comes education about what hemp CBD actually is, how to find CBD brands consumers can trust and how to find the right product. For Populum, that means providing as much educational information as possible on our website and blog, having customer service representatives ready and available to answer questions, and giving customers a risk-free 30-day trial.

“We’ve really put focus on the customer experience. We’re proud to be the first brand in the industry to offer a truly risk-free trial,” said Gunhee.

Populum - For the People

At the end of the day, putting hemp CBD into the hands of more and more people in an ethical and safe way is the most important thing to Gunhee. “Populum” translates to “For the people” in Latin, and Gunhee set out to create a brand that truly is for the people it serves. That’s reflected in hundreds of reviews from customers who have tried and continue to use hemp CBD.

“The most gratifying part about being in the CBD industry is hearing heartfelt stories from our customers about how CBD has benefited their lives,” said Gunhee.

To learn more about how and why Gunhee started Populum, watch Svn Space’s video below and visit our About Page for more information about Populum’s mission, products, and hemp CBD.

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