Why US hemp oil matters.
Education Jun 05, 2018

US Grown vs Imported Hemp: Why Using US Hemp Oil Matters

by Kate Bunton

Since the beginning, Populum’s first priority was to work with domestic farmers who grow and produce hemp grown here in the United States.

Why does it matter if the Hemp is grown in the United States?

In the current marketplace, it is much more easily available to purchase raw hemp from Europe or Asia. China’s hemp industry has been growing rapidly for the past several years, and many hemp brands regularly source their hemp CBD oil from Eastern European countries.

However at Populum, we believe that when working with foreign farms, brands lose their transparency and quality control. And when it comes to hemp, it’s cultivation environment is critically important.

Taking A Look At How Hemp Grows

The soil where the hemp is grown impacts the quality of the cbd oil.

One of the many amazing properties of hemp as a plant is in how it grows. Hemp has an astonishing ability to grow in harsh environments and requires minimal care once it’s plotted. It’s well known for requiring little to no pesticides and herbicides. That’s because hemp is highly adaptable, with different strains available that can be cultivated to grow in almost any climate on earth. Hemp’s roots dig in deep into the soil and is “proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative plants we have been able to find,” according to a research scientist with Phytotech.

In short, hemp is an ideal solution for regions suffering from droughts and poor soil conditions. As it grows, hemp naturally absorbs the toxins in the soil and helps to clean up the land. That’s why hemp has been used and proposed as a solution to clean up toxic soil, most famously for the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.

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But with this extraordinary ability comes risks that we should be wary of.

The way hemp helps to clean up these toxic soil is by absorbing its toxins. That’s why it’s extremely important to know that your hemp is grown and raised in a healthy farm land. When using hemp for its extracts, it is imperative to ensure that the cultivation environment is healthy, safe, and clean.

How Hemp Is Grown In The United States

With the Federal Farm Bill of 2014, state governments were allowed to start piloting hemp farming in their individual states. In the past 3 years, hemp farming has grown quite significantly in some states, including in Colorado and Kentucky. These states have now set up a legitimate license and certification process for its farmers to go through. The process entails working with the state department of agriculture to ensure that each individual farm and the hemp seeds and crops are registered. The governance by the state programs creates an unmatched barrier to entry. The process required to obtain licenses to grow hemp shows the extra due diligence required by hemp brands working with farmers in the United States.

How To Make Sure You’re Getting US Grown Hemp?

Preview of the hemp program in Colorado.

The easiest way to ensure that you’re getting US hemp products is to simply ask the brand that you’re buying from. If the company can’t give you a straightforward answer, we’d encourage you to keep looking. The hemp industry in the US is growing and maturing quickly, and the total acreage of land being used to farm hemp has grown rapidly over the years. We encourage all our readers to ask hemp brands, especially hemp oil brands, for the source of their hemp.

Populum works directly with a registered farm in Colorado to create it's Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products.. You can learn more about Colorado’s program here.

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