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We did yoga all week at SXSW. Here's how it went!

by Ashley Ballard

All of us at Populum place a high priority on self-care. Whether it be perfecting our daily routines, trying out new natural approaches to wellness, or incorporating exercise into our lifestyles, taking care of ourselves is a mission that we love to spread to others in any way we can.

With this in mind, it was only natural that we decided to host five days of yoga during SXSW at Aviator Nation in Austin, Texas. It was such a blast getting to meet and connect with other CBD lovers and share an hour of pure zen. Check out some of the highlights of the week below!

Photographer: Hannah Koehler
Photographer: Hannah Koehler

Yoga is definitely a team favorite for us because it provides a delicate balance of physical wellness and meditation, striving for wellness of both the body and mind. We highly recommend following up on your yoga session with a few drops of our tincture or recovering your muscles with our Cold Therapy Hemp Rub.

Photographer: Hannah Koehler
Photographer: Hannah Koehler

It was such an honor for us to share the power of hemp with you during SXSW, and we hope to be back again next year! We would also love to thank our partners Revibalist, Sun and Moon Yoga, and Aviator Nation for helping us share how CBD can help others.

Photographer: Hannah Koehler

Photography by Hannah Koehler | @minkmade

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