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The CBD Subscription Box: Unpacking Everything You Need to Know

by Taylor Hogan

Populum CBD subscription box

From meal planning to beauty products and clothing, subscription services continue to be a popular option across all industries. In 2018, McKinsey reported this sector grew 30% year-over-year.

So, it’s not surprising that CBD subscription boxes are also growing in popularity. However, CBD subscriptions are anything but a fad.

On the contrary, CBD subscriptions can make a significantly positive impact on your lifestyle. That's because a CBD subscription isn't just about trying a new product here and there — it's about helping establish a consistent wellness regimen to help you reap the long-term benefits.

Cannabidiol (CBD) occupies a unique place in the health and wellness space. CBD products are dynamic and available in many forms — everything from tinctures and edibles to oils and lotions. Putting these different products in a subscription box service seems like a natural fit.

Here at Populum, we offer a monthly CBD subscription service that gives you convenient access to your favorite products, delivered right to your door. (And you get them at a discount.) Keep reading to learn more about why a CBD subscription box might be a good idea for you.

What is a CBD subscription box?

A CBD subscription box is a retail service that charges you a set fee every month (or other fixed frequency) to receive a variety of CBD products shipped to your door. You can easily pick and choose to customize these boxes to suit your interests or needs. Some merchants, including Populum, will also throw in free gifts, rewards, and other bonuses for loyal subscribers.

Why would someone get a CBD subscription box?

The chance to try a variety of CBD products is probably what makes a CBD subscription box so appealing. Perhaps you’re interested in using CBD to boost your self-care routine, or maybe you’re considering giving your dog CBD oil. Many CBD customers could benefit from a subscription service, especially:

  • Experienced, consistent CBD users
  • Homes with multiple users
  • Busy parents and professionals
  • People who want to maximize value
Populum hemp oil capsules atop a CBD subscription box

7 benefits of having a CBD subscription box

A subscription box service may not be ideal as your first CBD purchase, but choosing this method could prove valuable in several significant ways.

1. Customization

Full spectrum CBD oil is available in many different items today, from tinctures to gummies to pet products. People who are new to CBD may want to experiment with these different forms. After all, everyone has their unique reasons for using cannabidiol.

Being able to personalize your CBD products is key since your response to CBD products will be different than anyone else’s. Your endocannabinoid system, or ECS, acts as a regulator of homeostasis and affects numerous functions in your body, including mood, appetite, pain, sleep, and stress.

With a subscription box, you can customize which types of products you want to try until you find the right method of delivery — for example, CBD gummies or tincture? — concentration, flavors, and more.

2. Easy pathway for beginners to try cannabidiol (CBD)

For those who are new to CBD products, the recommendation is “low and slow” when it comes to dosing. This is an easy catchphrase to remember that describes the dosage (low) with the pace at which you should take the dose (slow).

A subscription CBD box provides an easy framework for a low and slow plan. For example, the first three months of your monthly subscription may start with a 250mg concentration CBD tincture. After that, you may find that a 500mg concentration provides exactly the right amount to help you achieve a balanced, relaxed feeling. And if you ever decide you want to take a break or phase out, you can do so slowly.

3. Convenience

Consistency is crucial to your health and wellness routine, and so is convenience. You may not always have time to make one-off purchases of cannabidiol from different sources. A CBD subscription box makes it a whole lot easier by delivering your products right to your door without interrupting your routine.

4. Price and Value

While you could go out and buy CBD products a la carte, many month-to-month subscription boxes offer substantial savings. Because companies buy CBD products at discounted bulk rates, they can distribute these products to subscription members at a lower price.

Furthermore, many CBD subscription box service providers give customers a variety of different tiers to choose from. Tiers may vary based on the dosage or the type of supplement you receive, adding another layer of better pricing, value, and customization to your experience.

5. Quality

When using a subscription box service from a reputable CBD brand, you won’t need to worry about product quality. The best subscription boxes will vet all the products and CBD brands beforehand and remove the uncertainty often involved in buying from different vendors.

That said, just because a particular brand is included in a subscription box doesn’t automatically mean it’s high quality. You’ll always have to do your own research before buying.

6. Access to new products

Scientific research in the field of CBD is continuously advancing. As we learn more about the powerful capabilities of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, companies will continue to find inventive ways to deliver them.

Signing up for a monthly subscription box can give you access to new hemp and CBD products as they are released. Some companies offer deluxe packages that include relatively new CBD-based products, like lip balms and aerosol sprays.

7. Long-term benefits

Some people using cannabidiol and hemp products may worry about long-term usage. However, the World Health Organization published last year that there’s no risk of dependence with regular doses of CBD.

A long-term CBD regimen can improve the way your body responds to cannabinoids. Because these compounds are stored in the body’s fat cells, early research suggests that the body releases these stored cannabinoids when fat is burned, helping to promote a sense of balance.

A monthly subscription box makes sense for developing a long-term CBD regimen that involves different dosage amounts, since you can adjust what's in your monthly box at various times. This might be especially valuable for someone who engages in more physical activity during a particular time of year, such as an athlete.

5 steps to choosing a CBD subscription box provider

Populum CBD subscription box packaging

Here are a few steps to keep in mind when you’re looking for the best source for your first box of CBD goodies and other new products.

1. Identify your preferred cannabidiol product type. If you aren’t sure about the specific type of CBD item you want, that’s OK. But having at least some idea of how you’d like to consume CBD will help narrow down your search. For example, if you’re looking for CBD tinctures or wellness products for your furry friend, there’s no sense in signing up for a box service from a company that specializes in hemp salves or bath bombs.

2. Read reviews. One of the best ways to know what it’s like ordering from a CBD provider is to see what’s being said by others who have done business with them. If a CBD merchant publishes a lot of reviews from past customers, it’s a positive sign.

3. Take careful stock of terms and membership agreements. Even if a company promises to offer a convenient, flexible subscription package that allows you to conveniently start and stop service, don’t just take their word for it. Check out the fine print, terms of service, and other minor details that are included on purchase pages and other areas.

4. Look for third-party validation. Reviews from other CBD users are helpful, but more importantly, look for external quality indicators about a CBD brand or product. Opt for merchants that are transparent about ingredients and include third-party lab tests for its products. All of Populum’s products include third-party lab test results with every single shipment.

5. Check how flexible the subscription program is. Do they allow you to skip a month or change your next delivery date? Can you easily add or remove a particular product from your monthly shipment? With Populum’s subscription program, you can easily change your next subscription date and cadence.

The last word on choosing the best CBD subscription box

CBD subscriptions take the guesswork out of selecting a merchant and offer the chance to try something new. Ongoing delivery means you’ll always have a steady supply of the products you like and perhaps the option to adjust dosages and product types to boost your health and wellness routine.

The best CBD subscription box offers customization, convenience, savings, quality, access to new products, and a longer-term solution for your CBD needs. Populum offers convenient subscription packages on a variety of premium CBD products including tinctures, lotions, and capsules.

Take time to do your research and find a transparent, honest subscription merchant that provides third-party validation. At Populum, we curate a variety of subscription bundles so you can choose the products that appeal to you while getting the best prices on the highest quality CBD products.

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