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Sweeten the Holidays with this Limited Edition Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup

by Taylor Hogan

As the holidays quickly approach us, we are all looking for a distraction from the many challenges we have all faced during 2020. What better way to bring some joy into the lives of your loved ones this holiday than giving them something that’s sweet and thoughtful, like Populum’s new limited edition Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup.

Made in partnership with small-batch Omaha coffee brewer, Hardy Coffee, our new holiday Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup will transform your cup of joe into a perfectly balanced coffeehouse drink packed with benefits of 100mg hemp CBD.

Made in Omaha, NE

Partnering with a small artisan business like Hardy Coffee Co was particularly special, as their coffeeshops are often frequented by Populum team members. With locations across the Omaha area, it’s renowned as one of the Omaha areas best coffeeshops and bakeries. They are devoted to creating "seriously delicious coffee, syrups and creamers."

“I have been a fan of Hardy Coffee Co for many years,” said Greg Parker, Populum’s Founder. “When we had the idea of creating a CBD coffee syrup, Hardy Coffee Co was the first place that came to mind. I was thrilled when they were open to collaborating with us to create this unique holiday CBD syrup.”

Populum's Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup great with coffee

Enjoy Caffeine Without the Side Effects

Many of our Populum community members take CBD in their coffee as a way to start their day. And for good reason because CBD and coffee act as a balancing act. Coffee is a powerful stimulant that provides energy whenever you need it most. CBD, on the other hand, is relaxing and produces a mellowed feeling. Put the two together and you start your day alert and tranquil.

We wanted to create a way to make taking CBD with coffee easier for our community members, hence our Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup was born. It’s simple ingredients and lightly sweet flavor was designed to elevate morning CBD routines and to enhance the flavor of your coffee while providing the benefits of hemp CBD.

Populum's Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup made with Populum CBD and Hazelnuts

What’s in it?

  • Hazelnut: Known for its many benefits including supporting heart health and healthy digestion.
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract: Contains multiple cannabinoids & terpenes. In addition to cannabidiol (CBD), there are many other cannabinoids and terpenes that are naturally occuring in hemp plants.
  • Grapeseed Oil: An excellent source of omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants to help strengthen your immune system and overall health.

Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD

Populum’s honey has 100mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD. It’s commonly accepted in the CBD industry that full-spectrum hemp CBD has the most beneficial properties. That’s because it’s minimally refined and contains other cannabinoids like CBG & CBN and terpenes.

Just like all Populum’s other products, the CBD-infused honey contains only pure full-spectrum hemp CBD. Which means you know that you’re getting the most effective form of CBD in your honey.

Not all CBD and not all honey is created equal. Like other CBD products, it’s important to verify lab results before using any ingestible CBD product.

Populum's Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup makes a great at home latte

Ways to Use our Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup

Sweeten your daily routine by using 1 tablespoon (4mg of CBD) to your coffee. Try to use it consistently for 30 days and take note of how your body adapts. You can also use the Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup as a sweetener in mix drinks, bubbly water, or tea. Try adding it to a cup of hot chocolate for a Hazelnut CBD Hot chocolate. Add to a milk base with whipped coffee on top for a trendy and unique cup of coffee. Use as a simple syrup in a hazelnut cocktail, such as a hazelnut + CBD espresso martini.

Man drinking coffee with Populum's Hazelnut + CBD Coffee Syrup

About Populum

Founded in 2016, we’ve held ourselves to a different set of standards. While the market is getting flooded with brands using cheap ingredients and making outrageous claims, we are focusing on producing the highest quality CBD oil. Since our inception, our focus has been to provide the most powerful full-spectrum hemp CBD products available. And that’s what we’ve done. Our attention to detail stems from the hard work of our highly qualified team. From our dedicated farmers to our superior customer service team, we share one mission - to create premium, ethical and honest CBD.

Populum’s limited edition Hazelnut + CBD Coffee syrup is available online and ships to all 50 states.

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