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Purekana vs Populum CBD: What to Look for When Buying CBD Online

by Taylor Hogan

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Buying a product you are completely new to can be intimidating, especially when shopping online. This can be especially true when trying to find a trustworthy CBD retailer.

Getting started with CBD doesn't have to be so scary, and there are plenty of brands that are online retailers that have great products to offer. Below we've provided a checklist of things to look for when buying CBD online, as well as some red flags to keep in mind.

1) Review the Third-Party Lab Results

Third-Party lab results should be one of the first things to consider when considering a new CBD brand. Does the brand third-party lab test their products? Do they provide their lab results online or with shipments? If so, then you have likely found a reputable brand.

CBD is still largely unregulated, meaning that companies must hold themselves accountable for testing. Third-party lab shows a company's CBD products are tested for purity and quality. The lab results should list amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes and also reveal if the actual hemp crop absorbed any toxins or contaminants during the growing process.

Many companies regularly test their products, however, many brands do not provide lab results with their orders. Without the lab results and federal regulation, there is no way to tell if what you're purchasing is actually CBD.

2) Read Customer & Blog Reviews

Does the company have a good reputation? What are others saying about their products? With any online purchase, reading real and verified views is a must. See what customers are saying about their CBD. Always make sure the reviews are verified and by real customers. Any brand could publish whatever they want about their products, but a brand that is willing to post real customer reviews is usually one you can trust. Check out Populum's Verified Customer Reviews as an example of what real reviews should look like.

Also, be on the lookout for blog or website reviews, reviews by various publications or bloggers. These reviews are usually more in-depth, as the writers are familiar with CBD. They often test the products themselves and write about their experience. Reading website reviews will help you to get a more in-depth look at what these CBD products are really like when put to the test!

3) Look for Brands Making a Difference

Consumer awareness about where their products are sourced has risen in the past few years for a good reason. Buying has evolved past what the cheapest option is, and consumers purchase because they’re buying for a purpose. For example, consumers purchase from brands that show their products are sustainable, ethically sourced, and the company is philanthropic.

If you are this type of customer, you're not alone. Giving back shows that a company cares about the great good of their community. For example, Populum wants to make CBD accessible to everyone and have established veteran assistance programs and rescued pet programs to offer discounts to these groups. They also give back to their communities through volunteer work and monetary donations.

In addition to buying from a charitable brand, look for brands that strive to educate their customers. Blogs and social media can be great resources for those new or looking to learn more about CBD. Not sure what dosage to use? Or do you need information about what cannabinoids do? The brand you choose should provide a resource to help you start your CBD journey!

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4) Beware of Online Marketplaces like Amazon

Major retail marketplaces like Ebay, Etsy and Amazon will list CBD products from independent sellers. Often these products will be listed under "hemp-extract." Hemp oil, sometimes called hemp seed oil, is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds. They are listed this way to avoid corporate regulations and fly under-the-radar. For example, CBD is against Amazon's guidelines and banned from being sold on Amazon.

Sellers on these marketplaces rarely provide much information about what is really in their products. It is often better to buy directly from a trusted vendor. Keep in mind that these major online marketplaces allow for a wide range of products to be sold with little to no regulations or accountability.

Choosing a quality online CBD retailer: Populum vs PureKana

With hundreds of CBD brands widely available online, it can be a little intimidating finding a trustworthy brand. Check out this comparison between two of the top online CBD retailers in the market today:


Populum is a premium hemp CBD brand mindfully developed for conscious consumers. They use a proprietary formulation of rich full-spectrum extracts to deliver the most effective CBD products on the market. Some product highlights:

  • Triple-tested for quality & purity
  • High concentrations of rare cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBC
  • Transparent lab reports on website & shipped with the product


PureKana is an online CBD retailer based in Scottsdale, AZ. The company strives to provide high-quality CBD products at high concentrations. Many of their serving size recommendations are at just half a dropper, meaning their products may be suited for more experienced users.

  • Known for product variety
  • Hemp harvested in Kentucky
  • Highly potent oils
Comparison chart between Populum and Purekana CBD

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