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Pet CBD Oil vs. Pet CBD Chews: Which CBD Is Right For My Pets?

by Kit O'Connell

Did you know that both CBD oil and CBD-infused treats can benefit our pets, just like they benefit humans?

For most of us, our pets are more than just a four-legged accessory … They are companions and part of our families. We get it, because all of us are big pet lovers at Populum, too! It’s natural that we want our pets to thrive.
Just like the millions of people that have benefited from CBD, so have their pets. Both dogs and cats can benefit from CBD. When it comes to pets, there are two common ways to give them CBD. Just like people, you can use CBD oil. Pet CBD oils are specially tailored for our fur friends’ smaller bodies. However, another great option are pet CBD treats! Like the dog biscuits or other rewards you use now, CBD treats can be great for calming anxious dogs, plus some other uses we’ll outline below.

Pet CBD oil vs Pet CBD Chews

In this article, we’ll help you choose between pet CBD oil and CBD pet chews. First, though, we’re going to look a little closer at why people give CBD to their pets.

Why do people give CBD oil to their pets?

Thanks to modern scientific research, we know that CBD works much the same in humans and in our mammalian companions. It all comes down to the endocannabinoid system.

Humans, cats and dogs’ bodies all produce natural compounds similar to those found in hemp, called endocannabinoids. Special receptors found all through our nervous systems and organs respond to these compounds. While research into the endocannabinoid system is ongoing, it seems to promote overall balance and help bring our systems back into alignment. The endocannabinoid system may connect to everything from mental health to gut health.

Our pets experience stress too: they get anxious or fearful when there’s change or disruption in their lives. This could be as simple as a thunderstorm or fireworks, or as tumultuous as a move to a new home. For both humans and animals, researchers believe CBD seems to help manage stress and symptoms of everyday anxiety from situations like these.

CBD may also help reduce some of the symptoms that come with aging. As our pets grow older, CBD can help them maintain healthy joints and them retain that playful, happy attitude through all their days.

Finally, many owners believe giving CBD consistently to their pets helps support overall wellness.

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Is CBD oil for pets different from human CBD oil?

Whether you’re choosing CBD products for you or your pets, the qualities to look for are much the same.

The biggest difference between CBD products made for pets and those made for humans is dosage. With their smaller body weights, pets are naturally much more sensitive to CBD. While CBD supplements are extremely safe, it’s still important to tailor the dosage appropriately. Using a pet CBD product makes it easier to avoid giving them too much.

Smaller bodies could also be more sensitive to any potential impurities that might enter supplements during manufacture, from chemical residue left over from extraction to pesticides from the hemp growing process. That’s why it’s so important to choose a quality, batch-tested CBD brand like Populum.

Using a trusted, reliable third-party lab, Populum tests every CBD product we sell. We not only verify its strength and potency, but also ensure it’s free from any toxins. For both human and pet CBD products, we include the test results with every order.

Choosing Pet CBD oil vs. Pet CBD chews and treats: Tips on finding the right CBD for your pet

A man giving pet cbd oil to his dog

Now that you understand a bit more about why people give CBD to their pets, the next step is to choose the right CBD product. In this section, we’ll help you choose between pet CBD oil and CBD pet chews.

  • Use pet CBD chews or treats for a quick convenient way to give your dog CBD: Since our dogs are usually accustomed to getting treats throughout their day, it's easy to give them a delicious CBD-infused chew instead of the usual biscuit. They will love the flavor and get all the benefits of CBD. You can use them as a reward, or any time you see your dog feeling anxious or in need of a quick wellness boost. CBD treats make it easy to give a consistent dose every time, too.

  • Use pet CBD oil for cats or other small animal companions: Pet CBD chews are made with dogs in mind. With their smaller bodies and smaller mouths, it's easier to give CBD oil to cats. And cats can benefit from CBD oil too, just like dogs, whether you want to manage stress or improve their wellness in other ways. Mix the CBD into some wet food, or add it to a treat.

  • Use pet CBD oil for picky eaters or if you need to watch what ingredients your pet eats: Sometimes our pets are just picky, or you know they already have a favorite treat. It’s easy to add CBD oil, simply by letting a few drops soak into the treat before you give it to your pet. You can also mix CBD oil into some of their regular wet food as well. This is ideal for pets with food allergies or other strictly controlled diets, too.

    • Product recommendation: 100mg or 250mg Populum Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil (dosage dependant on size)

One more recommendation: if your small pup needs a fashion makeover and a wellness boost, consider Populum’s Zen Pets Chews + Bandanna Set. You’ll get both our great CBD pet treats and an exclusive citrus-themed dog bandana made by our friends at Ripley & Rue.

Helping our pets live their best lives

Whether you choose pet CBD oil or pet chews, at Populum we want your pet to feel great.

Of course, if you don’t have a pet in your life and there’s room for one, we hope you’ll consider adoption. We know there are so many wonderful fuzzy pals out there, just waiting to enrich your life. And Populum offers a CBD discount program for owners of rescued pets! You can get 25% off Populum Zen Pets products, just by providing a few simple pieces of information.

Whether your little buddy barks or purrs, we hope your days are full of joy together.

* Author Bio: Kit O’Connell is a writer and journalist from Austin, Texas. His work has also appeared in Yes! Magazine, the Texas Observer, and elsewhere. He served as Editor in Chief of the Ministry of Hemp from 2017 until 2021.

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