CBD skin care and CBD topicals provide relief to many symptoms and are an important part of everyday wellness.
Skincare Apr 27, 2021

CBD Skin Care vs CBD Topicals: Choosing between CBD Face Oil and Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

by Kit O'Connell

There are two major ways to use CBD externally: you can use CBD in skin care, such as a face oil, or you can use topical CBD to ease everyday mobility

While a lot of people focus on taking CBD oil internally, there’s actually many ways to use CBD. People use topical CBD both as a skin care product, and as part of products designed to improve everyday mobility.

Populum offers products designed for both types of use: our Lavender + CBD Face Oil nourishes the skin as part of a nightly self-care routine, while we formulated Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub to offer cooling relief to muscles and joints.

This article is designed to help you choose not only between our topical products, but to have a better understanding of why and how people use CBD on their bodies in general. Even some stores which might not yet carry oral forms of CBD, for example certain drug stores or boutiques like Anthropologie, carry CBD designed for external use.

To start, let’s take a brief refresher on how CBD works, for readers new to this topic or curious how the skin ties into any of it.

Comparing CBD skin care and CBD topical products.

How CBD works in the body, and on the skin

We’ve written about the endocannabinoid system and CBD oil on this blog, but it’s worth revisiting in brief here.

In recent decades, scientists started to delve into the human endocannabinoid system, a unique series of receptors found throughout our nervous system and major organs. One often repeated fact is that the skin is our largest human organ, it’s true here: there are endocannabinoid receptors all through the skin.

These special receptors respond to compounds our bodies produce, but also to compounds naturally found in hemp, like CBD. Scientists believe these plant-based cannabinoids could help supplement our endocannabinoid system, which overall seems to help promote balance throughout the body’s systems. One major area the endocannabinoid system could regulate, according to this research, is the body’s response to inflammation.

If you stop to think about it, a number of issues suffered by our “external” systems can cause, or are related to inflammation. For example, our muscles can become inflamed after a workout. Simultaneously, many skin conditions (even aging itself) can leave our skin feeling inflamed and irritated, too.

Companies like Populum often combine CBD with ingredients like hemp seed oil or menthol (a compound found in mint) which can help soothe irritated skin or fatigued muscles.

Populum's Lavender CBD Face Oil helps with overall and skin wellness.

Lavender + CBD Face Oil

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How do people use CBD skin care products?

CBD skin care products, such as Populum’s CBD face oil, make a great addition to your nightly routine.

A lot of people feel both mental and physical benefits from taking time for self care every night before bed. Not only can it boost the health of your skin, these simple rituals help us unwind and unplug before we try to sleep. Soothing scents, like the lavender in our face oil, can ease the mind and also may boost the health of our skin at the same time.

Combining CBD with other ingredients can create a simple “super serum” for your skin. The base, a combination of hemp seed oil and grapeseed oil moisturizes, while also offering vital nutrients to your skin like amino acids and omegas 3-6-9. All rolled together, it will leave your skin glowing and smelling great.

Woman applying CBD face oil to help with skin care and anti-inflammation.

Why should you consider CBD for topical relief?

Topical CBD like our Cold Therapy Hemp Rub is designed to offer immediate relief to your muscles and joints.

As you apply the hemp rub, you’ll feel numerous sensations simultaneously, letting you massage away your cares. Aloe soothes and cools the skin. Arnica is an ancient remedy for bruising, and also may have antimicrobial properties. Just like our face oil, we take a combination approach, creating a formula that maximizes relief while including only natural ingredients.

You can use CBD topicals almost any time. Before or after working out, to ease stiffness after you’ve been working or sitting at a desk for too long, after getting up in the morning, or even after showers and saunas. You should feel free to apply topical CBD any time you want relief.

CBD topical can help provide anti-inflammation relief for your joints and muscle.

Lavender + CBD Face Oil vs. Cold Therapy Hemp Rub: Which CBD is right for me?

To close, here’s some final advice on choosing the right CBD product from Populum, depending on your needs:

  • Use a CBD skin care product if you’d like to ease irritation or inflammation in your skin, and promote overall skin health: CBD is one of the hottest ingredients in skin care because it’s been shown to reduce inflammation in several studies. To create our CBD face oil, we combined our CBD-rich full-spectrum hemp extract with hemp seed oil, which is full of nourishing compounds, and lavender oil, which has a long history of use in skin care. (Product recommendation: Lavender + CBD Face Oil)

  • Use a CBD topical any time you need to offer relief to muscles and joints. Populum’s hemp rub combines CBD with ingredients like chamomile, arnica, and aloe vera, offering fast-acting cooling relief for fatigue and stiffness in your muscles and joints. This formula, reformulated so it’s fully vegan, has grown even more popular with our customers, especially as we’ve tried to stay active during the past year. (Product recommendation: Cold Therapy Hemp Rub)

  • Try adding oral CBD oil to promote overall wellness, inside and out: If you’re interested in promoting wellness all over, you could consider trying a CBD oil in addition to one (or more) of the above products. Many of our customers say they love using multiple forms of CBD together, and that they feel the best benefits from using CBD consistently. (Product recommendation: 500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil)

However you decide to use CBD, we hope Populum can help you feel your best. Contact us if we can help you choose the right product.

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